I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, with experience working in individual (adolescents, adults and older adults), group and family therapy with a focus on mental health. I became interested in being a social worker from a young age. When I was 13, I participated in a civic leadership program that advocated for change through rebuilding communities, helping the homeless, educating the public on a living wage, and other community based activities. My interest has always been focused on helping people reach their fullest potential and have the highest quality of life attainable. I am particularly interested in the area of mental health; the complexities of the human mind have always fascinated me. Some of my interest comes from personal experience with mental health issues, going to therapy, and learning to cope with and surpass my mental health issues. I believe it gives me an insight that helps in my practice.
My client base is primarily adolescents and adults. I work closely with many clients with mood disorders such as depression and bipolar, as well as anxiety. I’ve also worked with a number of clients experiencing trauma or crisis situations. I look forward to expanding my practice to treating those with personality disorders and severe and persistent mental health conditions.
I studied at the University of Iowa with a Bachelor’s in Social Work, and went on to study Social Work with an emphasis in mental health at Florida State University for my master’s degree. Since completing school, I have worked as a therapist for a partial hospitalization program running groups and individual therapy sessions, and as an individual and family therapist. My most recent experience focused on working with children and adolescents in an intensive home therapy program and then an outpatient setting.
When I’m not working, I spend time with my three dogs, going to the park or playing wit them at home, I love practicing yoga and find it very therapeutic, and I enjoy expressing my creative side by getting new tattoos or piercings or dying my hair a new color.