We know that the teenage years can be challenging for teens and their parents. Teens face many new pressures and may not always know the best way to react. Social media adds to the challenges of the teen years. We understand that these years can be overwhelming to teens and that at times they may need counseling to help them cope with their problems.
Some of the struggles teens face are a normal part of growing up, like dealing with peer groups, experimenting with new ideas, and going through changes in mood, identity, and interests. Parents often can help their teens through some of these issues by talking to them, being patient with them, and creating an environment that is structured and supportive. And, even the best of parents sometimes could use an outside opinion to help them guide their teens.

Some of the problems we frequently see with teens and their parents include:

  • Changes in family life, like moving, divorce, or a death or serious illness in the family
  • The loss of a close friend or girl or boyfriend through death, a breakup of the relationship, or moving
  • Developing an illness or disability
  • Any kind of substance abuse or addiction
  • Bullying or abuse
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Tragic events in the community or the world

Teens sometimes react to these problems in the following ways that can benefit from counseling:

  • Suicidal thoughts and behaviors. These may include talking, joking, drawing, or writing about suicide or death, giving away cherished possessions, or expressing feelings that they are worthless or that things would be better without them. If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal, call 911 or a suicide hotline or get medical help immediately.
  • Symptoms of depression, like being withdrawn, lack of appetite, sleeping very little or more than 9 hours per night, loss of interest in things they once enjoyed, neglecting personal hygiene, or crying for no reason or seeming sad for longer than two weeks.
  • Violent behavior, harming or threatening to harm themselves or others, including animals
  • Suddenly gaining or losing a lot of weight, which could indicate a life-threatening eating disorder
  • Extreme, rapid changes in moods or personality, or drastic changes that last more than six weeks
  • Running away from home
  • Illegal activities
  • Behavior problems at school
  • Using tobacco, drugs, or alcohol
  • A sudden change in friends
  • Risky sexual behavior or sexual promiscuity
  • Other risky or dangerous behavior
  • Noticeable changes in school performance or attendance

Therapy and counseling is an important part of treating these problems. Individual therapy can help teens to:

  • Understand why their behaviors are negative, and how to cope better
  • Recognize and change negative thoughts that may cause or trigger their behaviors
  • Find better ways to solve problems
  • Learn better social skills

We are here to help teens better understand themselves, develop important life and coping skills and improve their interpersonal relationships.

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